Top 10 Business & Marketing Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

6 Jun , 2017 News

Top 10 Business & Marketing Mistakes Every Photographer Makes

Are you a photographer? Read this article and discover the top 10 business and marketing mistakes every photographer makes and how to avoid them!

Are you ready for some helpful marketing tips? There are a lot of wrong impressions and mistakes people do when it comes to marketing your photography brand or business. Allow us to help you avoid these mistakes and common traps.

In this article, we are going to present you the top 10 business and marketing mistakes almost every photographer makes in the beginning! By knowing the mistakes, you will be able to avoid them successfully!

  • Working for Free – This is probably one of the biggest mistakes photographers make at the beginning of their career. Almost all new photographers decide to work for free in exchange for popularity or exposure. We are so sorry to disappoint you but in 99% of the time, that exposure is worthless. So, don’t fall for this opportunity and always get paid for your work!
  • Trying to Fit and Be Just like Others – The other common mistake a lot of photographers do is to try to be just like the others instead of finding their own style. It is important to differentiate yourself from the crowd and determines what makes you unique and authentic.
  • Forgetting to Promote the Products You Sell – Without a doubt, the biggest mistake that exists in marketing is the failure to promote and market the products you sell. If you want people to hear about your photography business, brand or about your new photographs, you need to market yourself! Promotion is everything in this business!
  • Having no Clear Marketing Plan – Without a proper marketing plan, you can’t achieve anything. Make a clear marketing plan and stick to it. By doing so, you will be able to see the marketing ROI or return on investment.
  • Marketing to Where Your Prospective Audience Isn’tWhen you market your products, ensure you do it right. There are a lot of photographers who market where the potential customers aren’t which is a huge mistake. You need to know who your target clientele is and market directly to them.
  • Blogging Everything Another common mistake photographers make. They blog images from every shoot, without a plan or idea. You need to be selective about what you include in your blog.

If you think you do these mistakes, stop now! Avoid these mistakes and focus on making your photography business successful!

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